About Our Events

Impacting Our Quality of Life

Students, parents and area residents of all ages are inspired to imagine, create, express and enjoy the arts and appreciate the richness it brings into their lives. And it’s amazing that it all started with a truly visionary idea unheard of at the time!

Now, a robust fine arts program has grown within our school district; our venue plays host to student performances, educational workshops, daytime school shows, artist exhibits, community events, rentals, youth theatre, community theatre and more!

Art Exhibits

Accomplished artists from the West Michigan and around the world have showcased their talents and creations as a part of our Art Gallery Season. They have challenged young and old to see the world in a different way.

Educational Programs

Today, the arts are strong and alive in this once rural area. The interest and demand in the arts has become contagious. Maybe even more importantly, the self-supporting Van Singel Fine Arts Center has inspired other schools throughout Michigan and the nation..

Van Singel Youth Theatre - VSYT

he Van Singel Youth Theatre (VSYT) has been created to provide an extensive, more involved, theatre experience for elementary-age youth.

Student Achievement

Scholarships, totaling upwards of $75,000, have been awarded to students with an appreciation and talent for the fine arts.