VSYT 2019 Audition Form - required for each student

Please first fill out the VSYT registrtion form before the audition form.

VSYT 2019 Audition Form: Dates will be scheduled for Monday, April 8, 3pm-5pm and Tuesday, April 9, 3pm-5pm
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Please check up to three character choices. Students in grades 4 through 6 can audition for speaking roles.  (required)
VERY IMPORTANT: This is a very important commitment. VSYT expects each student who gets a lead role to make this commitment to his or her peers and to the directors that they will attend all classes/rehearals to ensure the success of the production. Emergencies will be the only exception for missing classes/rehearsals. List all conflicts with the class/rehearsal schedule.
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I give permission for my child, listed on this form, to participate in the Van Singel Youth Theatre production. I have looked over the rehearsal schedule from the 2019 VSYT class/rehearsal/performance list and have noted any conflicts.  (required)