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Hello – The Van Singel Fine Arts Center wants to know how you feel!
Thank you for taking part in this survey. Your thoughts and opinions are very important to us! Yes, we realize how precious your time is. That’s why we made sure this survey will only take about five minutes (we timed it!).
We really want to know how you feel about the Van Singel Fine Arts Center, as well as know your opinions and desires for growing the arts in our community. To thoroughly understand how we can better serve you, and others, your input to this survey is very important.
Your information will remain private. The results of this survey will give us insight into how we can provide better services and perhaps add programs that you feel are important. We will not spam you in any way! So don’t worry, you’ll remain completely anonymous.
We appreciate you letting us know who you are and how we can better serve our community.
Have you attended a performance at the Van Singel Fine Arts Center?
If you have not attended a performance at the Van Singel Fine Arts Center, can you let us know why?
If yes, how many performances have you attended at the Van Singel Fine Arts Center?
If you have attended a show at the Van Singel, what do you find appealing about the venue?
Do you believe that the Van Singel Fine Arts Center adds value to our community?
What type of shows interest you?
What kind of concerts are you interested in attending?
What is the highest price you would pay for a ticket for a local performance?
If you have children, or grandchildren, how important do you think it is to expose them to the arts?
Would you or someone in your family be interested in being part of a new community theatre group?
If the Van Singel presented more children's or family shows, would you purchase tickets?
Would you like to see more student or youth-oriented performing arts programs and would you support them?
Please choose which musicals you would purchase tickets to:
How do you choose which plays/events to see?
How do you find out about what events are coming to our area?
What do you typically do before and after seeing a show?
Do you consider yourself adventurous and purchase tickets to events you are not familiar with?
What other live performance venues in the area do you enjoy visiting?
What is your age?
Where do you live?
Are you:
What level of education have you completed?
Do you work outside of the home?
Thank you for your time. We greatly appreciate your opinions and input so that we can help better serve our community patrons.
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