Sponsorship opportunities at the Van Singel

Corporate underwriting and private contributions make great performances a reality at the Van Singel Fine Arts Center, located in Byron Center, just southwest of Grand Rapids. The Van Singel strives to present a variety of first-rate touring productions while keeping ticket prices affordable and responsibly serving the community with quality performing arts events. Underwriting sponsorships and contributions, vital for the stability of this facility, produce a major cultural impact for this region. Private financial support for the Van Singel Fine Arts Center guarantees that thousands of West Michigan adults and youth will be able to enjoy the richness and beauty of live stage performances.

The Van Singel Fine Arts Center mission is to provide the West Michigan region a balanced and
stimulating program by presenting quality performing arts productions at family-friendly ticket prices, offer dynamic theatre-related educational programs and workshops for students and adults, and to serve as a proponent for the visual arts community through our Gainey Gallery.  Major performing arts programs like those offered at the Van Singel, enrich the lives of many throughout West Michigan, defining what it means to be a member of the community, while making a considerable contribution to the local economy. The activities of the Van Singel help build this area’s image as a clever and innovative region, which helps attract patrons from throughout the region, while enhancing this area’s reputation as a “desirable place to live.”

The Van Singel values its corporate partnerships and strives to share in the culture of its resources, providing enhanced recognition to  underwriters/sponsors. This unique facility strives to be  effective partners in bringing the arts from the fringes to the frontlines of first-class entertainment and educational programming. Community arts and education collaborations have become increasingly important within the ever-changing education, social and cultural environments. We know that such collaborations are successful.

In recognition of the October, 2002 National Arts and Humanities month, President George Bush stated in a letter that, “The arts enhance our lives, stimulate our creativity, and allow us to express our emotions, thoughts, and aspirations through countless forms of artistic expression. As tools for learning, the arts and humanities have a positive impact on our children’s cognitive development, their confidence, and their motivation. I encourage all citizens to participate in activities that celebrate our rich artistic and intellectual heritage, and to learn more about the artists and scholars whose work continues to enrich our society, our Nation, and the world.”

Benefits to Education

The VSFAC offers students an excellent academic outlet and access to diverse, creative performing arts programs and resources. The facility draws upon a variety of partnerships to provide a rich arts program to students and others outside of the district. The arts and culture are significant educational tools for nurturing creativity and we highly value arts education and its presence in this region.

For many young people, access to professional, high- quality arts experiences is limited to the interest and/or financial capability of parents or other interested adults. The Van Singel’s goal is to expose all students to the richness of the performing and fine arts. The Van Singel provides the school and community with access to a wide range of performing and fine arts events and special programs, often offered at no or little cost, so students and other patrons are able to take full advantage of the wealth of unique and culturally diverse artistic resources offered. 

As a part of the arts community, we believe that we should be here to enhance arts educators to bring the arts into the mainstream of educational planning and practice, and help ensure an adequate education in and through the arts for every student. One of the our goals is to take the arts to their rightful place on the “main stage.” 

Benefits to Community

The arts are a vehicle for positive community development by bringing people together, into collaborative ventures, which in turn, builds a strong community. The arts build individual creativity and helps to build and strengthen the economy within the region. The Van Singel has demonstrated this commitment to our community, as well as a history of action and results from effectively using the professional touring shows in conjunction with an educational outreach program.

Arts in the community enhances the quality of life for all. The Van Singel serves this rural population with a diverse selection of performing and fine arts events, making the performing arts more accessible and compelling for a greater numbers of people. In a survey by the Performing Arts Research Coalition, found that more than 8 out of 10 respondents strongly agree or agree that the performing arts improve the quality of life. In the survey, “the percentage of respondents with positive opinions about the value of the arts to their community is even higher than that previously reported. This suggests that people place a higher value on the arts in their communities than they place on the value of the performing arts in their own lives. Combining both the percentage of respondents who strongly agree and agree with each of these statements, a clear and substantial majority are in agreement, in every community, with every statement in the survey about community value.”

Benefits to Individuals

Research conducted by the Performing Arts Research Coalition indicates clearly that arts attendees place a very high value on the role of the arts in their lives in terms of enjoyment, their  understanding of themselves and other cultures, creativity, and connection to their communities. This holds true across age groups, income levels, and the presence of children at home.

The latest survey conducted by the Coalition found that the performing arts:

  • Offers Enjoyment: A strong majority of respondents have strong opinions about the level of enjoyment derived from live performing arts. More than three-quarters of respondents strongly agree or agree that the arts are enjoyable. Household income, age and the presence of children at home are largely unrelated to the degree to which respondents find live performing arts enjoyable. In four of the five communities, as level of education increases, so does the percentage of respondents who strongly agree that attending live performances is enjoyable.
  • Stimulates Critical Thinking: In almost all cities, more than three-quarters of respondents also strongly agree or agree that attending live performing arts is thought provoking. The strong belief that the performing arts are thought provoking does not differ substantially by household income level, age, or the presence of children in the home. However, consistent with expectations, this belief is held most commonly by frequent attendees, and least commonly by non-attendees.
  • Encourages Creativity: Between 58 percent and 65 percent of respondents in each community strongly agree or agree that attending live performing arts encourages them to be more creative. One’s education level or household income plays little role in  whether one feels strongly that attending live performing arts encourages higher levels of creativity.

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