Van Singel Fine Arts Center
Few things contribute more to the vibrancy of a community than its appreciation for the arts.

The Van Singel Fine Arts Center enriches our community tremendously through the professional touring shows, regional art exhibits, student performances, and various educational opportunities presented from within its walls. Students, parents and area residents of all ages are inspired to imagine, create, express and enjoy the arts and appreciate the richness it brings into their lives. And it’s amazing that it all started with a truly visionary idea unheard of at the time!

Impacting Our Quality of Life

Since then, hundreds of thousands of lives have been impacted by the arts and the Van Singel Fine Arts Center through national touring productions, educational workshops, daytime school shows, artist exhibits, community events, rentals, and more!

Touring Productions

More than 125 national and regional tours have rolled into this once rural area to thrill young and old alike through the magic of theatre. Thousands of patrons have seen professional productions come to life on stage. Thousands of school children throughout the region have taken part in the educational workshops and performances. Through the goodwill of our donors, more than 10,000 tickets have been gifted to populations in need. Disadvantaged youth and families, war veterans, families and patients stricken by disabilities or illness, have enjoyed an evening far from their everyday lives.

This season, Chemical Bank returns as major underwriter in support of the arts as the presenter of the Van Singel's 2017-2018 Series.

Art Exhibits

Accomplished artists from the West Michigan and around the world have showcased their talents and creations as a part of our Art Gallery Season. They have challenged young and old to see the world in a different way.

Educational Programs

Today, the arts are strong and alive in this once rural area. The interest and demand in the arts has become contagious. Maybe even more importantly, the self-supporting Van Singel Fine Arts Center has inspired other schools throughout Michigan and the nation..

Meijer Great Choices Student Film Festival

The Van Singel Fine Arts Center is instrumental in developing and executing the state wide film competition for Michigan students. The competition is designed for Michigan student film makers to exhibit their creative talent in audio/visual communications. Participants submit a :30 Public Service Announcements promoting positive choices in the areas of Character Education, Healthy Living and Celebrating Diversity. There are two different audiences that the students target in their PSA’s: Kindergarten through 6th or 7th through 12th grades.  

Youth Theatre Arts Camp

Each summer the Van Singel host a four-day theatre arts day camp for students in grades three to seven. Campers explore many components of theatre including role playing, improvising, rehearsing, costuming and performing during this four-day theatre camp.

Student Achievement

Scholarships, totaling upwards of $46,000, have been awarded to students with an appreciation and talent for the fine arts.

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