2016-2017 Van Singel Fine Arts Junior Council

First organized in 1998, the Van Singel Fine Art Center Council was created to advise
on matters primarily related to the basic operations of the facility, off-Broadway
performances and fund development initiatives. Now 18 years later, as the community,
students and staff become further removed from the origins of the Fine Art Center, an
opportunity was seen to engage emerging student leaders with an aim to teach skills
and practices of a working board, and seek assistance in developing real solutions
for operational issues and current day communication needs.

Past senior leader Mackenzie Wierenga commented on her experience as a Jr. Council Member. “Serving on the Junior Council was a great opportunity for me! I was able to learn more about the mission of the Van Singel and what that mission means for the students of Byron Center. My gratitude for the Van Singel grew immensely throughout my time on the council. I got to listen to those involved in keeping the Van Singel’s cycle of professional and student-run events going in a way that provides an excellent experience for all who come through its doors. I feel privileged to have been given the chance to help spread awareness about this brilliant organization through outlets like a new Instagram page (@van_singelfac). I look forward to seeing how this council will impact the Van Singel in the future.” 

This year's Junior Council members are, from left: Kate Townley, Abigail Barnum, Madison Briggs, Chrystiana Ochsankehl, Logan Smith, Evelyn Winter, Ryan Lotterman, Lauren Elliott, Sara Bower (Van Singel's Managing Director), Brian Keilor, Marc Townley (Byron Center Fine Arts Director).

The Van Singel staff and board members welcome the opportunity to mentor and learn from these students. For more information on how you too can learn about the Van Singel Fine Art Center and support its mission, please contact Sara Bower at sbower@bcpsk12.net.

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